2018 NRVMA Conference



The Galt House is going through an $82 million dollar renovation. I have seen the most recent renovated rooms and you will be amazed at the new décor. I will have more on the conference details right after the start of 2019. We are in the process of creating a fantastic program and agenda for the Conference. Also, all conference meeting rooms, registration and Exhibit Hall are within feet of each other and on the same floor.

Stay tuned for a great Conference September 17-19, 2019

(By the way 2020 is going to be in a great place also)


I would like to thank those of you who attended our 35th Annual Conference in Chattanooga, Tennessee in September 2018.

This was one of the best, if not the best conference we have had in recent years. The presentations that were offered by our outstanding Speakers were very informative to our attendees. These educational topics are very useful in the daily operations for our vegetation managers.

It was great to see some of our “NRVMA family” members that we haven’t seen in a few years. We have seen so many that have retired in last few years but continue to come join in the conference proceedings and fellowship. This year was a special time to see members of the Hernandez family as we reflected on the life of our late Founder, Turney Hernandez. It was great to have them as our guests. Being able to look back and reflect on the vision that he had and be able to see how we have progressed over 35 years was meaningful. Then, to recognize five individuals that were honored to receive the Turney J. Hernandez Roadside Excellence Award. Congratulations to the winners.

A special thank you to Ken Hampton and members of the Tennessee Departmentof Transportation for their assistance, prior to and, during the conference. Local assistance is always a valuable contribution to our association and the ability to let our attendees be more involved in equipment demonstrations.

Thank you to our Loyal Sponsors for their support and contributions. These contributions give us the opportunity to have the needed finances to make sure we can have the resources to continue having the best conferences available.

The Board of Directors thanks each of you that traveled from the 17 states represented and spent your time with us. We pray for those that were impacted by the adverse weather conditions in your respective states and ask for God’s grace in your recovery and losses.

As we take a break from the 2018 Conference, please continue to visit our website for updates on the 2019 Conference.

Thank you again for attending and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

John Reynolds
Executive Director



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